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Friday, 6 April 2018

My new found saviour for removing fake tan

For too long now I have had the struggle of scrubbing and scrubbing my skin to get rid of my fake tan. I am a frequent tanner, literally every week I apply a new tan and for so long I have been trying different hacks to ensure that it comes off as best as possible but finally I have actually found something that works quite well! After reading many reviews I was hesitant to purchase it because many had said that it didn't work and it smelt horrible but to be honest I did not find that to be true. Bondi Sands Tan Eraser has become my new life safer for freeing my skin of the tiger loaf bread look, which lets be honest isn't the most attractive. 

I will always be honest when I give a review of a product and with this one I honestly do think it is amazing but it doesn't get rid of all of your tan. I did find myself having to still exfoliate but it is nowhere near the hassle that I had before this and it made it so much easier but I guess it depends how much old tan you have on. If you are trying to get rid of that stubborn fake tan then I would definitely recommend purchasing this. It is sold out so often but I managed to find it on Pretty Little Thing and get that with a new tan for only £22!! Bargain. You can find that here.

I hope you enjoy this post, thank you for reading.

Lots of love,
chuck xxx


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