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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

How I deal with stress and anxiety

The past few months have definitely been some of the most stressful that I have ever experienced. I cannot believe how quickly 3 years at university has gone and I am literally almost a month away from finishing my final exams and graduating!! Scary! With deadline after deadline and constant revision being my life for the past couple months I definitely need time to de-stress and feel like a normal human being again. This advice will literally work for any kind of stress whether its work, relationships or school. Lets be honest, life gets a little too much sometimes and having time for yourself is definitely one of the most important things to stay healthy and happy.

I have suffered with anxiety for the past couple of years, after moving to London and being away from my family it just seemed to creep up on me. But... if you are struggling from stress or anxiety do not be deterred and think that it will never get any better because that's what I thought until I tried these things. 

This guided meditation video below from youtube is one of my favourite ways to relax and feel at peace (I know this is one of those cringe things but I really find it helps). I go in a dark room, lie on my bed with my eyes closed and listen to it and it really helps relieve my anxiety and stress.

A second way that I deal with stress is going to the gym. I know that people often find the gym scary and overwhelming especially when you are feeling anxious and stressed and just wanting to hibernate but honestly if you just do a 10 minute walk or a 30 minute jog it honestly does wonders. I am a firm believer that exercise really can benefit your happiness and wellbeing, as since I have been going to the gym more frequently it has really helped relieve my stress and anxiety.

This post is a little bit personal for me and I don't normally share stuff like this but I see so often people struggling with it and not knowing what to do or not saying anything because they're embarrassed but it is nothing to be embarrassed about. It affects everyone!

I really hope this post helps you. Thank you for reading.

Lots of love,
chuck xxx


  1. I also do the same to de-stress. Good luck with your exams xoxo Cris


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