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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Midnight Blue Calming Cream

I have super exciting news!! I have become an affiliate for the company Wishtrend, they are a brand which sells skincare, hair and body and makeup products (what more could you want!?) I have for the past three weeks been testing out their Midnight Blue Calming Cream, I will always be honest in my reviews because I don't see the point of trying to make you purchase a product that isn't very good.

As stated on their website this product is perfect if you're a person who has concerns about skin irritations due to sensitivity of skin to skin care products. I have combination skin and often suffer with redness around my cheeks and it really bums me out because I hate having to put makeup on every time I go out to cover it up but this cream really has helped, it has soothed my skin a lot. I use it morning and night and it feels so light and refreshing on the skin. The only criticism I have of this product is the size of it, the tub that it comes in is quite small but you only need a small amount anyway, mine still has quite a bit left and i've been using it for three weeks now! The product has a five star rating and is one of their best sellers, I really would recommend it! If you want to purchase it click here.

The cream itself is blue and it is the first skincare product I have ever used that has been that colour and I'm not going to lie it did freak me out a bit but I promise it's all good!

The product looks like this:

Thank you for reading! 
If you have anymore questions about this product or brand please comment below and I will reply asap! 

Lots of love,
chuck xxx

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