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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

My New Favourite Products

After stuffing my face with unlimited amounts of food yesterday, ending in a serious food coma... I thought I would share with you my new makeup products that are my ultimate favourites!
I have never had anything from Iconic London before but I have always wanted to and I am not disappointed, the products I have from there are amazing!

The Iconic London illuminator, I have these in two shades, shade blush and shade original. They are so shimmery and make your skin glow. Mixing the original shade in with my foundation gives such a dewy finish, which I love and adds a nice shimmer to your face. They are the best highlights I have owned and you only need to apply a small amount for such amazing results. 

This brush set is the best one I have ever owned, I love the rose gold handles and the fluffy white bristles! They are the SOFTEST brushes and they apply makeup so perfectly! If anyone is looking for a new brush set, this is definitely one you should consider. This brush set also came with this super cute bag that is perfect for keeping the brushes and highlighters in. 

How was everyone's Christmas?
Let me know what you think about these products and any you would recommend by commenting below.

Product links:
Highlighter- Iconic Illuminator

Thank you for reading!

Lots of love,
chuck xxx


  1. ive heard so many good things about the liquid illuminators they look amazing!! xx

    1. They are incredible! The best highlighters I've ever used! I highly recommend it x


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