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Friday, 17 November 2017

My top beauty steps to creating the perfect fake tan

Fake tanning can be a massive drag especially when it ends up going patchy but I am going to give you the top tips that I have learnt to get the perfect fake tan, as lets face it, everything is better with one!!

The tan I use is the St. Moritz Dark one, shown below, you can purchase it here;, this is the cheapest one I have found of the product but if you don't want to purchase online they also sell it cheaper at places such as Home and Bargain. 

Step 1- exfoliate everywhere! Make sure that you exfoliate your body properly to ensure that your fake tan doesn't go patchy and end up looking like a tiger loaf bread, you can buy exfoliating gloves anywhere, such as boots. The best way to get rid of previous fake tan when exfoliating is by using baby oil it gets rid of the excess fake tan so that your skin is smooth and clean before your new application.

Step 2- moisturise! Moisturising is key to getting the perfect fake tan, your body has to be super hydrated and without it, it leaves your skin dry and patchy when applying the fake tan (plus it makes your tan last a lot longer).

Step 3- when applying the fake tan use a mitt, this is the best way to apply the fake tan evenly around your body! My favourite mitt that I have found is the skinny tan mitt, which you can purchase here; It is a more expensive one but it is the best one I have found and it puts my tan on perfectly.

Step 4- let it dry, sometimes to quicken the drying process is to use a hairdryer but I normally just air dry as the tan that I use dries quite quickly! 

Step 5- I normally leave my fake tan on for around 16 hours as it allows the tan to develop into a nice deep tan and then I rinse it off in the shower, leaving the perfect fake tan. Make sure to moisturise after showering as it makes the tan last longer and keeps your skin from getting dry. 

A final step that makes the tan look even better if you are going on a night out or have a special occasion is to use some shimmering body oil, my personal favourite is the Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil! You can purchase that here;

Here is an example of what my fake tan looks like when all the stages are complete.

I hope this helped, let me know of any tips that you have and whether this worked for you!

Lots of love,
chuck xxx


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