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Friday, 3 November 2017

My first post

A little about me...
I am 21 years old and have recently graduated from university. I am originally from the Wirral but I am now living in London with my boyfriend trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I absolutely love anything to do with fashion, beauty and food and that is something I want to show you through my blog posts. I am obsessed with my gorgeous dog Tubby! If you want to find out anymore about me and my life, keep scrolling and follow my social medias.

A little bit to know about me is that I love going out for dinner and enjoying a glass of prosecco or two, or three... I love a night out but I also love chilling at home in my comfies eating unlimited amounts of Ben and Jerry's.

I am going to be getting back into my fitness to make sure that my summer body for 2018 is as close to Kourtney Kardashian as possible... a girl can dream. But if you want to see more outfits, makeup ideas, lovely restaurants and yummy cocktails and my exercise routine then keep checking my blog for more posts and feel free to follow me on my social medias.

I hope you enjoyed,
Lots of love, 
chuck xxx


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