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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Leopard Print Fridays

Leopard print is one of my favourite fabrics to wear as it is very versatile and flattering for all shapes, sizes and age. It looks a million dollars for very little expense that you can wear all year round. What is everyone else's favourite print?

I love this look that I put together last night, the top ties the whole outfit together and makes it that little bit more exciting and stylish. This outfit can be dressed up or dressed down, instead of wearing it with a skirt you could wear it with some black jeans and trainers or if you wanted to keep it dressy you could put it with a black leather skirt, a cute faux fur jacket and a pair of knee high boots!

Outfit details- the black bracket is from Pretty Little Thing;, the leopard print top is also from there but I couldn't find it when looking on the website as I bought it at the beginning of summer but one similar to it can be found from Missguided My skirt is from Pretty Little Thing (if you couldn't tell already its my favourite at the moment); My shoes are from Pretty Little Thing; and my leather jacket is from Zara but I've had this one for a couple of years now but you can buy them anywhere! My bag is from DKNY, this is a super similar one;

I hope you enjoyed and please comment below to let me know what you thought about this look and follow me on my social medias! And don't forget to enjoy my 10% discount code for Reveuse;,'charlotte10.'

You can purchase this skirt on my depot here-

Lots of love,
chuck xxx



  1. loveee this outfit and your skirt looks amaze with those shoes!! xx

    1. Thank you! It is basically all from Pretty Little Thing and so cheap!! x x x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I love the combination of colours and the print together!


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